T giants Oracle and Microsoft have made the highest international offers of $136,000 (Rs 93 lakh roughly) and $135,000 (Rs 92 lakh) on the first day of final placements at the Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati.

According to placement sources, details of additional variables such as employee stock option and relocation bonus were not available.

First slot of day zero began early at midnight, running till 6-7 am on Thursday at most IITs. IIT Guwahati has already seen more than 50 offers being made by marquee firms in the first slot. The day zero placement process is expected to run till late Thursday night.

Apart from Microsoft and Oracle, major recruiters like Goldman Sachs, Japanese firm Works App, Texas Instruments, Directi, Xerox, Amazon and Credit Suisse are expected to make offers on day zero at IIT Guwahati.

IIT Kanpur is also expected to see more than 35 firms from varied sectors like PSUs, core sector, IT, analytics, and consulting. Among these, prominent are Mastercard, Uber, Microsoft, Oracle, and Visa who will be making offers on the first day.

Going ahead with their strategy of pushing PSUs and core sector, some of the IITs have been ensuring students get to be interviewed from these companies along with marquee IT and consulting firms.

For instance, IIT Roorkee has begun placing at least one government sector company in each of its slots.

“From day zero itself, we are trying to keep at least one govt sector in each slot this year. The target is to give exposure to each student to a government sector, couple of core, IT, consulting and startup sectors. This mix was not there earlier at our placement process because people used to go for CTC (pay packages). But we thought it is not the salary that actually decides the future but the choice of profile and mindset,” said N P Padhy, Professor-in-Charge, IIT Roorkee.

Source : The Economic Times

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